Practicing Chinese Characters By Writing Them In the Air With Your Fingers

At least initially, for learning new Chinese Characters, it is important to frequently practice writing and reviewing them. While of course using mnemonics may be a very effective way to learn, probably better than solely using rote memorization, if done actively, I still believe that it is necessary to instill into your brain the character via eye-hand coordination to REALLY remember it. This article will discuss, among other things, practicing Chinese Characters by writing them in the air with your fingers. Continue reading “Practicing Chinese Characters By Writing Them In the Air With Your Fingers”

Chinese Characters Radicals List

This article has the 214 Chinese Radicals list used for categorizing all Chinese characters. Though there are thousands of Chinese characters, if you learn these 214 Chinese radicals, learning additional Chinese characters will be much easier. Before modern times, Chinese dictionaries were sorted by radicals, not by some kind of Romanization system like Pinyin, so knowing Chinese radicals is incredibly useful. Continue reading “Chinese Characters Radicals List”

A Great Free Chinese Intermediate Grammar Course

I am a huge fan of, a site that offers hundreds of courses from some of the best universities in the world. I recently discovered that there is a Chinese Intermediate Course there. The course is free to audit, but if you want to get a certificate as proof of completing the course, you can pay $49 USD. The name of the course is Intermediate Chinese Grammar 中级汉语语法 and the link for it is here. It is from Peking University (北京大学). The more modern romanization of the name of the university would be Beijing University. Beijing University is often considered the best and/or most prestigious university in Mainland China. If you don’t already have an edx account, sign up for a free account with, and then you can sign up for the class.

Below is a link to the first lesson:

Here you can download the subtitle file which contains double subtitles with Chinese and English right next to each other. You can download that video with tools such as or youtube-dl. I recommend using VLC or some other good video player. Make sure your subtitle encoding is in utf-8. If VLC has problems viewing the subtitles, then use another good video player.

I don’t recommend this class for beginners, though you can build it to it with lots of practice if you aren’t already at that level. This instructor teaches only in Mandarin, though there are Chinese-English subtitles with videos. I find this instructor to be quite good, and believe that you will definitely improve your grammar if you take this course.

Will you take this course now? Have you already taken it? Let’s discuss this in the comments below.

Growing Up With Chinese: A Great Video Series To Get Started Learning Mandarin

Last updated: December 4, 2018 at 14:07 pm
One fantastic and free Chinese video series to watch to get started learning Mandarin is called Growing Up With Chinese (成长汉语). It is a series officially made by CCTV (China Central Television) and is quite professionally made. It starts out at the very beginning level, assuming no prior knowledge of Mandarin, and builds up all the way up to advanced levels. Continue reading “Growing Up With Chinese: A Great Video Series To Get Started Learning Mandarin”