The Best Online Chinese Translators

Learning Chinese, but still can’t understand a certain part of a text? This article discusses some of the best free online Chinese translators.

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Google’s translate service can translate entire websites using a URL, or translate an unlimited sized text pasted into it. It is now very interactive, and can automatically detect the language that you paste into the input box. This is probably the best of the online translators on the web. In addition to translating from Chinese to English and vice versa, it can translate to and from Chinese in more than 20 different languages. Another very cool feature about this is if you are going from Chinese to another language, and you want to use Google’s method for Pinyin, just click on Chinese for the first language, and then click on “拼”, and you will be able to type in Pinyin. You can even use Google Translate to draw Chinese Characters through your browser, and then translate that way. You can learn how to do that with this article. I think this is the best free online translator for translating from Chinese into a foreign language. Note though, if you want to translate to Chinese from another language, I would probably recommend either Baidu’s or Youdao’s translator. is the number one site in Mainland China, and Baidu’s translation service is located at The fanyi part of comes from 翻译 (fan1 yi4) meaning to translate. This is a very good translator that allows you to look up words or translate entire paragraphs with no size limits. I think that this is the top free online translator from a Chinese company. As of the 30 October 2017, this site can translate between 28 different languages including Chinese and English, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, French, and Thai. By default this site translates from the detected language into Mandarin Chinese. This service allows you to translate entire websites via their URL into Chinese. To translate an entire URL into Chinese, just paste the URL, and click on the button “翻译”. One additional interesting feature is often when you wanting something translated, it will give you real examples of things similar to what want translated. Additionally, I really like the feature that allows you to translate between Cantonese(粤语) and Mandarin.

This is another excellent online translator from a Chinese company. This site can translate between Mandarin and 7 other other languages including English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and French. Although I prefer Baidu’s translator and Google’s translator, this is a site that I used to check from time to time to double-check translations.

This is Microsoft’s online translator using Bing technology. This site is quite similar to Google’s translation site. This is a fabulous site for translating to and from Chinese from many languages. It allows you to translate text that you paste into the site, or have an entire URL translated for you. You can even have the translation spoken to you.

Last but not least, is Yandex’s translator, which is in English, is actually quite a good alternative to Yandex’s translate service currently can translate between Chinese and over 80 different languages. With this service, you can even translate into languages that Google doesn’t translate into.

Do you use any of these online translators? Do you have anything to add? Let’s discuss it in the comments below.

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    1. Thanks for the comment. Yellowbridge is also a very good resource. I think I’ve also used the annotator in the past. It seems to be quite good. I like how hovering over various Chinese words will give you the Pinyin and definition(s).

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