My New Favourite Chinese Language Drama

I recently started watching a new Chinese drama called 親愛的翻譯官Les Interprète. It is a drama about French language interpreters. It stars 楊冪 (Yang Mi) and 黃軒 (Huang xuan).
Yang Mi, if you don’t know, is one of the most famous Chinese actresses. The show starts out in Switzerland, then they return to Shanghai. I think that the acting is good and is sometimes quite humorous. There are subtitles with every part of the show, so you can stop and play as often as you want to look up vocabulary. I kind of got hooked into the series after episode 2. The Youtube channel that hosts it has several other Chinese TV shows and top Chinese songs.

Youtube has most of the episodes, as far as I know, and you can watch them for free. If you are in Mainland China, you can probably watch it via searching

Episode 1 is located here.

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2 thoughts on “My New Favourite Chinese Language Drama”

  1. 哇, 它 非常 好. 谢谢. As a gift I will recommend you another great drama called “pushing hands” or 推手 in Chinese. subtitles are available until 30th episode. But, I am assuming you don’t need subtitles. You will find it on YouTube and if you like it, you can make a post on it. It is a new drama, 2019 I think.

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