Google Translate’s Brilliant Chinese Handwriting Tool

If you want a way to handwrite Chinese Characters by using a website and drawing them with your mouse, I believe that Google Translate’s Chinese handwriting tool is the best.

The reasons are numerous why you might want to use such a tool. If you encounter a new character that you have never seen before, or see a character for which you don’t know the character’s pronunciation, finding the character in a dictionary may be difficult. So drawing the character is the next best thing. Drawing any new character you encounter will help you remember the character better.

Here is how you use the tool:

First go to

Then under “Detect language”, choose Chinese.


After that, in the lower left corner of the leftmost translation box, you will see the character . Next to that, if you hover over the down arrow, you will see a message that says “Select Input Tool”. From there, select the last option which is Chinese (Simplified, China) – Handwrite.


After that, you will see a writing box, and with your mouse you draw the character.


This tool appears to support writing both Simplified and Traditional Characters, which I think is very nice.

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