Wade-Giles To Pinyin Conversion Table

Last updated: August 7, 2017 at 12:16 pm
The Wade-Giles system of Romanization is much older system than Pinyin. In fact, it was completed as a system in 1892. Pinyin, on the other hand, is much younger having been developed in the 1950’s. Many old places in China have kept their Wade-Giles spelling. Examples are Peking University (one of Mainland China’s top universities), Tsingtao Beer (Mainland China’s most famous beer), and many more. In Taiwan, many places still use Wade-Giles Romanization especially in people’s surnames. Taipei (臺北), the capital of Taiwan, uses Wade-Giles for its romanization, instead of Taibei, which would be the Pinyin romanization of that name. This article includes a Wade-Giles To  Pinyin Conversion Table. Continue reading “Wade-Giles To Pinyin Conversion Table”

Chinese Characters Radicals List

This article has the 214 Chinese Radicals list used for categorizing all Chinese characters. Though there are thousands of Chinese characters, if you learn these 214 Chinese radicals, learning additional Chinese characters will be much easier. Before modern times, Chinese dictionaries were sorted by radicals, not by some kind of Romanization system like Pinyin, so knowing Chinese radicals is incredibly useful. Continue reading “Chinese Characters Radicals List”

Mandarin Chinese 4 Character Tone Drills

Last updated: August 2, 2017 at 23:35 pm
Like we discussed in 2 previous articles, Mandarin Chinese 2 Character Tone Drills and Mandarin Chinese 3 Character Tone drills, getting Mandarin Chinese tones correct is vital if you want to be understood in Mainland China or Taiwan. Mandarin Chinese, being a tonal language, makes it so that pronunciation is even more vital, because mispronouncing a tone can create a completely different meaning. It is well worth the investment to practice speaking the various tones over and over, until you can pronounce almost any tone combination correctly. This article contains all 256 tone combination drills of the 4 tones taking 4 tones at a time. Continue reading “Mandarin Chinese 4 Character Tone Drills”

Public Domain Chinese Dictionaries

Last updated: August 7, 2017 at 12:21 pm
This article contains a list of several very useful public domain Chinese dictionaries for you to download completely free and legally. In a nutshell, public domain means that for any work the copyright of something has expired, and that you can basically do anything you want with it and usually get it for free. Continue reading “Public Domain Chinese Dictionaries”