How To Say Phone Numbers In Mandarin Chinese

Saying phone numbers in Mandarin Chinese is fairly easy. You simply speak each individual digit of the phone, though there is one exception. The exception is if the phone number contains both a 1 and a 7 (or sometimes just a 1). If that is the case, often, for the number 1, people don’t pronounce it as yi1 but rather pronounce it as yao1. This is because the pronunciation for 1, 一 yi1, rhymes with and has the same tone as the pronunciation for 7, 七 qi1. Confusion can occur if a phone number number has 1’s and 7’s in it, so often to avoid confusion, it is common to substitute saying yao1 instead of yi1. This is extremely common in Modern Mandarin Chinese, and you will inevitably hear this spoken in context if you live in China or Taiwan for long enough. But, in cases where there is just a 1, and no seven, then you can probably just say yi1, but yao1 would still probably be acceptable. Here is a review of the pronunciations for the numbers 0 – 9 in Mandarin Chinese, and each number’s respective Chinese Character.

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Numbers 0 Through 9 In Mandarin Chinese

0 零 ling2
1 一 yi1
2 二 er4
3 三 san1
4 四 si4
5 五 wu3
6 六 liu4
7 七 qi1
8 八 ba1
9 九 jiu3
10 十 shi2

Examples Of How To Say Phone Numbers In Mandarin Chinese

Below are some example phone numbers
8884 5678
This would be pronounced ba1 ba1 ba1 si4 wu3 liu4 qi1 ba1

8109 2084
This would be pronounced ba1 yao1 ling2 jiu3 er2 ling2 ba1 si4

7890 3412
This would be likely pronounced qi1 ba1 jiu3 ling2 san1 si4 yao1 er4.

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