Using Caveman Chinese

Last updated: August 26, 2017 at 20:12 pm
Have you ever had a conversation in your own native language with a non-native speaker whose ability in your language was atrocious, but you could still understand the basic meaning of what the person was trying to say it? The point of language is to communicate, and you can get by with limited Chinese in China assuming you know ways to get around your language barriers. Many psychologists have said that the majority of communication is actually non-verbal. Are you are thinking of going to China with limited to no Chinese? Well, you probably won’t starve to death in China even with no Chinese ;). And, are you paranoid of getting your tones wrong? Although tones are important, Chinese people will probably assume what you are talking about, and give you a pass most of the time. What I call using “Caveman Chinese” is simply using many different ways of communication, including body language, that communicates what you want even if your Chinese speaking ability is not very good. This article will teach you how to get around China even with poor Chinese. Continue reading “Using Caveman Chinese”