Chinese Characters Practice Sheets

Last Updated on July 22, 2017

Do you want to practice writing Chinese Characters, but can’t find the right practice sheets? Well this article has just the solution to that. This article has 3 different sized Chinese Character Practice sheets that you can download: small sized, medium sized, and large sized practice sheets.

Why Practice Writing Chinese Characters?

Practicing Chinese Characters frequently is important to be able to write Chinese Characters well, which also translates to being able to read Chinese Characters well. If you can write Chinese Characters well, then you can also read them as well (though you might not know the vocabulary).

Things To Take Note Of While Practicing Chinese Characters

While writing Chinese characters, make sure that you use the correct stroke order. If you don’t know the specific stroke order, make sure that you look up the correct stroke order. In addition, if you can, try to relate that character you are learning to write, to other characters you already know, so that it is easier to memorise.

Download Chinese Characters Practice Sheets

Now that you understand what you should do while practicing the characters, below are the sheets that you can download to practice writing Chinese Characters.

Chinese Characters Practice Sheet – Large Sized Squares
Chinese Characters Practice Sheet – Medium Sized Squares
Chinese Characters Practice Sheet – Small Sized Squares

If you are a complete beginner, I recommend that you start with the large sized squares sheet or the medium sized squares sheet. As you get more advanced, you should transition to practicing Chinese Characters with the small sized squares. A book, magazine, or newspaper will have text which is small, so you should be able to write small text.

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