Download The CC-CEDICT Here

Last updated: June 7, 2017 at 19:48 pm

Download CC-CEDICT In Several Convenient Formats

All of the following files are zip files. Make sure to unzip them to get the various files such as text file, html file, and so on. Also, if you are going to use your browser to open the text file or html file make sure that your encoding in your web browser is set to Unicode or UTF-8 otherwise the Chinese Characters might look like gibberish.

Download it as a text file here (3.3MB zipped and 8.5MB unzipped)

View or download it as an HTML file here (3.4MB zipped and 8.9MB unzipped)

View or download it as a PDF file here (11.1MB zipped and 13MB unzipped)

Download it as a DOC file here (4.1MB zipped and 17MB unzipped)

Download it as an ODT file here (3.6MB zipped and 3.7MB unzipped)

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