Pinyin To Wade-Giles Conversion Table

Last updated: January 21, 2019 at 1:19 am
Pinyin, is the most common way to romanize Mandarin Chinese today. It is what is used in Mainland China. But there are other romanization systems as well, one of which is Wade-Giles. Wade-Giles was finished in 1892, while Pinyin was developed in the 1950’s. There are still many books, people’s surnames (especially in Taiwan), city names, and universities that use the Wade-Giles system. This article include a conversion table from the Pinyin system of romanization, to the Wade-Giles, an older romanization system. Continue reading “Pinyin To Wade-Giles Conversion Table”

Wade-Giles To Pinyin Conversion Table

Last updated: January 21, 2019 at 1:18 am
The Wade-Giles system of Romanization is much older system than Pinyin. In fact, it was completed as a system in 1892. Pinyin, on the other hand, is much younger having been developed in the 1950’s. Many old places in China have kept their Wade-Giles spelling. Examples are Peking University (one of Mainland China’s top universities), Tsingtao Beer (Mainland China’s most famous beer), and many more. In Taiwan, many places still use Wade-Giles Romanization especially in people’s surnames. Taipei (臺北), the capital of Taiwan, uses Wade-Giles for its romanization, instead of Taibei, which would be the Pinyin romanization of that name. This article includes a Wade-Giles To  Pinyin Conversion Table. Continue reading “Wade-Giles To Pinyin Conversion Table”