Chinese Music and Chinese Radio Stations

Last updated: December 23, 2016 at 3:58 am

Listen to Chinese Music Online Free(音樂)
Spotify is a fantastic site where you can listen to Chinese music and create your own Chinese radio stations. Read my post here for more information about Spotify and how to use it for improving your Chinese listening.
If you are in Mainland China, this is probably the best site for listening to Chinese music online. Often, songs will have the lyrics that you can follow along like at a KTV. You can also often listen to foreign music here as well. It might require that your IP address be in Mainland China though.

Chinese Radio Stations (廣播電台)

Has links to Singaporean, Taiwanese, Chinese, and Hong Kong radio stations. Sometimes the stations are broken or streaming doesn’t work.

Has links to 7 stations. Some from Taiwan, and some China. It is produced by a Chinatown group in Houston, USA.

This links to over 20 radio stations from all over China.

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