Chinese Literature, Audio books, Ebooks, Online Comics, encyclopedias, and recommended books about learning Chinese (in English and Chinese)

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Classical Chinese texts
Huge free listing of Classical Chinese texts from It contains writings from great philosophers like Confucius, Mencius, and much more
This is a great resource for Classical Chinese writings. Included here are texts from pre-Qin Philosophers, poetry, novels, and more.
Excellent site with classical literature on topics like including Confucianism, Mohism, Mathematics, history, and much more. Highly recommended site.

Confucius’s (孔夫子) Texts
The Analects of Confucius; translated by James Legge.
This site has the Confucian works The Anelects, The Great Learning, and The Doctrine of the Mean in 5 volumes with English and Chinese in parallel. These were also translated by James Legge.
The Analects of Confucius (from the Chinese Classics) by Confucius – Project Gutenberg. You can download it in various formats or read it online such as HTML or a text file. This is in English.
The Analects of Confucius in both Chinese and English in parallel. This is unique compared to the other versions posted on this website because this includes the traditional version, not just the simplified Chinese.

Other Classical Chinese Texts
The Project Gutenberg EBook of Lun Yu, by Fu Zi Kong.
The Art of War by Sun Tzu in English and Chinese.
The I Ching in English.
1000 Character Classic with English . This is a collection of 250 sayings of 4 characters each.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Read The Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三國志演義) in high quality PDFs in 6 parts in English.

If you prefer, download the entire Three Kingdoms book in htm files here. This is a site where you can read the Romance of the Three Kingdoms chapter by chapter on the site, or download the book in its entirety.
This site gives lots of very good historical information about the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Chinese Classical poetry
This site has a huge list of Chinese poems in the original Chinese, and translated into English.

Free Famous Western Texts translated into Chinese
Pride and Prejudice. In Chinese and English side by side.

Free Chinese Audio Books
Lun Yu or Analects of Confucius read in Chinese. Read Confucius’ Analects in both Chinese and English. Also listen to the Analects read in Chinese as MP3 files.
Three Classic Chinese Texts as audio books. This is a collection of three classic Chinese texts: the Hundred Surnames (百家姓), the Thousand Character Classic (千字文), and the Three Word Verse (三字經). All read aloud in Chinese (Mandarin).

Comics (漫畫) In Chinese
Huge portal for comics and anime in Chinese. And often has links to anime if it is a manga. Since it is in Chinese, it is useful to use a site like to translate the entire site for you.

Chinese Encyclopedias (百科)
Baidu’s excellent online encyclopedia with more than 2 million articles.
Wikipedia in Mandarin Chinese!!
Chinese encyclopedia with more than 15 million articles on practically any subject.
One of the largest online encyclopedias in Chinese

Religious Texts in Chinese

The Bible (聖經) In Chinese
This is a bilingual Chinese/English version of the Bible. It is very interesting in that it gives 3 versions for every verse. It gives the King James Version, American Standard Version, and the Bible in Basic English version. After the 3 English versions of every verse, the 3 translations of those in Traditional Chinese will follow.
This has the entire Bible in Simplified Chinese, Pinyin, and English all in parallel. In addition, you can hover the mouse pointer over every Chinese character in the text to get a definition for it.
This site has the Bible by default in English, but also allows you to see the bible in Chinese, Pinyin, and French all in parallel.
This site allows you to read the entire Bible in Traditional Chinese.
This site allows you to read the entire Bible in Simplified Chinese.

The Koran (可蘭經) In Chinese
Has the entire Koran in Chinese sorted by Sura number.
This also has the entire Koran in Chinese sorted by chapter number.

Buddhist scriptures
This site has a huge list of Buddhist scriptures and sutras translated into multiple languages including English, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Sinhala, and other languages. Sometimes the original languages of Pali and Sanskrit are included.

Free Chinese Ebooks To Learn Mandarin
This is a great free book created by many authors.

Online Chinese bookstores
Taiwanese bookstore with more than 4 million books sold.

Recommended books for learning Chinese (Paperback and Hardback)

Learning Chinese Characters by: Alison Mathews and Laurence Mathews
This book helps you remember characters by mnemonics and pictures, instead of just rote memorization. In fact, the human brain remembers images better than words. Think of how you can memorize the story of a movie with thousands of pictures, yet often can’t remember 10 definitions that you just recently reviewed.

Remembering the Traditional Hanzi 1. This book is very useful like the above book in Remembering characters. This book makes learning Chinese characters fun, and relatively easy. It is co-written by James Heisig, the author of the wildly popular book for learning Japanese Kanji, Remembering the Kanji. In this book you will learn a total of 1500 characters.

Remembering the Simplified Hanzi 1. Very similar to the book Remembering the Traditional Hanzi 1, only you are learning Simplified characters.
Information about the Remembering the Kanji book and Remembering the Hanzi books. Remembering the Kanji is for remembering the Chinese Characters in Japanese, while Remembering the Hanzi books are for remembering the Chinese Characters in Modern Chinese.
Information about the author who wrote Remembering the Kanji. He is fluent in more than 10 languages.

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