Links And Tools For Learning Chinese

Last updated: December 20, 2016 at 17:05 pm
Academic Sites For Learning Mandarin Chinese

Bilingual Chinese English Magazines

Chinese Etymology

Chinese Language Learning Podcasts

Chinese Literature, Chinese Audio books, Chinese Ebooks, Chinese Online Comics, Chinese encyclopedias, and recommended books about learning Chinese (in English and Chinese)

Chinese Music and Chinese Radio Stations

Chinese News Sites

Chinese Pronunciation

Chinese Radicals

Chinese Search Engines

China Travel Sites

Chinese Video Sites

Convert between Chinese Characters, Pinyin, and Unicode

Flashcard Programs For Learning And Studying Chinese

Funny Chinglish And Cool Chinese Pictures

Getting Started Learning Mandarin Chinese

How To Type In Chinese Online and How To Type In Chinese On Your Own Computer

Learn About And Study The History of China

Learn about Pinyin, Tones in Mandarin, and Bopomofo

Online Chinese Translators

Online Games For Learning Mandarin

Online Mandarin Chinese Dictionaries

Professional Chinese Translation Sites

Search Chinese Characters By Drawing Them and Chinese Stroke Animation Sites

Watch Chinese TV Online Free

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