Chinese Restaurants In Greater China

Last Updated on September 18, 2016

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has its own very unique culture, and the people, in my opinion, are very much like Singaporeans. I love Hong Kong local food like the small waffle balls you can get and almost anything Hongkongese. In addition to the local food, Hong Kong has restaurants that specialize in food from different parts of China.
Below is a picture of a Sichuan-style spicy rice noodles restaurant.


This restaurant had excellent food, and only had menus in Chinese. I imagine few tourists go there; mainly just locals go there. But although I do not know Cantonese, I could read the menu, and point to what I wanted. So, overall I had a very pleasant experience there.

Hong Kong is also very famous for its barbecue food. Walk around Hong Kong for long enough, and you will inevitably see a Hong Kong barbecue restaurant or a street vendor selling barbecue food. Hong Kongers make great duck and pork barbecue. Below is a picture of a barbecue restaurant in Hong Kong.


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