Chinese Restaurants In Australia

Last Updated on August 24, 2016

Final Thoughts About Chinese Restaurants And Culture In Australia

Overall, I feel that Chinese food in Australia is generally quite Westernised, but you can find authentic-style Chinese restaurants there.

Australia actually has many ethnically Chinese people for several reasons. In the past century, one of the reasons was, in part, because Hong Kong was part of the British Empire, so people from there in theory could easily travel to Australia. Today, many Chinese people study and work in Australia.

Mining is Australia’s largest industry. Because China is growing so rapidly, it imports lots of raw materials. Today, China is Australia’s biggest trading partner, according to the Australian government. So it seems that Chinese and China will only become more and more important to Australia as time goes on.

Moreover according to the Australian government, Mandarin Chinese is the 2nd most spoken language in Australia.

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