Convert between Chinese Characters, Pinyin, and Unicode

Convert Chinese Characters to Pinyin
Allows you to paste in Chinese characters, and it will output the characters that you pasted in along with the corresponding Pinyin below each character along with the character’s meaning.
Converts from Chinese characters to Pinyin with tone marks.
Extremely good program for Chinese characters to Pinyin. One of the best listed here. Once you paste Chinese character(s) in, it will convert it to Pinyin with numbers and Pinyin with tone marks. It will also give you back the characters that you pasted. If you paste traditional characters, it will also convert those to simplified characters, and show the traditional and simplified next to each other.
Similar to the above websites, it will convert from Chinese characters to Pinyin with tone marks, and put the Pinyin above their respective character(s). In addition, if a character has multiple pronunciations, it will show that.
Convert from Chinese characters to a choice of 2 different types of Pinyin. You can choose to convert from Chinese characters to tone number Pinyin or from Chinese characters to tone mark Pinyin. Supports both traditional and simplified characters. For example you can choose to convert the characters 今年 which mean this year into tone numbers which are jin1 nian2 and to tone marks which are jīn nián.
This site allows you to convert from Chinese characters to different types of Pinyin, Zhuyin, other forms, and HTML code.

Type in Pinyin and convert from Pinyin with tone numbers to Pinyin with tones
Fits this category quite well.
Allows you to convert between different versions of Pinyin, Bopomofo, and Wade-Giles.
Another very intuitive way to get Pinyin with tone marks by typing in Pinyin with tone numbers.

Convert Between Chinese Characters (Traditional Chinese Characters <-> Simplified Chinese Characters)
Convert from Traditional Chinese Characters to Simplified Chinese Characters.
Convert from Simplified Chinese Characters to Traditional Chinese Characters.

Convert Pinyin to Unicode
Allows you to convert from tone number Pinyin to both Pinyin with tone marks and Unicode which is usually easier for websites to display and read.
Convert Pinyin tone numbers to tone marks, and to HTML code. For example convert wo3 shi4 hao3 to wǒ shì hǎo. Note though that when you have a sentence, you cannot have any spaces. So, the above mentioned example wo3 shi4 hao3 would have to be written as wo3shi4hao3

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