New Section Of Created

I have created a new section of at will be a place where pictures of Chinese signs will be placed. I have a passion for taking pictures of signs. There are several reasons that I find signs so interesting. Signs in China will help you learn more and more about the unique Chinese Culture. Also, translating signs in Chinese can really help improve your Chinese level. I often find Chinese signs to be very bizarre, but at least interesting. I probably have hundreds of pictures I have taken of signs in Mainland China, and hope for this part of to be very interesting and useful for you all.

Main Blog Up!!!


I have finally started blogging again on the main blog at You can visit it here. You can all look forward to quality blogging about Greater China and Chinese culture on Guest bloggers will appear in the future. So, enjoy and come back often for high quality posts about Greater China and Chinese culture.

January to February 2014 Trip Blog Posts Finally Finished!!!

After more than 2 months, I have finally finished blogging about my trip from the end of January 2014 to the end of February 2014 on my website where I travelled much of Greater China. I travelled to Qingdao, Shenzhen, Macau, Zhuhai, Hong Kong, and Wuhan. I have posted the URLs of my posts for each day below. It was one of the most memorable trips of my life, and I hope you enjoy reading about some of it. I am a bit curious which of these days are your favourites.

Travel blog back up!!!

My travel blog is finally back up. You can go to it here. After a somewhat painful period of transferring my travel blog to a new web host after having major problems with my first host, it is finally back up! I hope that in the future, it won’t be down again like this.

Big updates coming

Hi. I have just greatly updated my website. Most of the site will still redirect to, but I will be putting a lot of new and exciting content on the site. I now have a new travel blog at, and will be blogging on it soon because I am travelling within Greater China now. I have decided to have most of my site using WordPress because it is faster and easier to make posts for me than to manually edit PHP and HTML files all the time. I figured, hey, why re-invent the wheel? More updates coming soon.