Ideas For Continuing To Study Chinese

Last updated: July 17, 2016 at 17:57 pm
Learning a language can be hard, especially Mandarin Chinese. You have to continually review or be exposed to the language otherwise you might forget a lot. Even if you are not in China, you can still study Chinese, practice your Chinese with native speakers, and continue to progress in your Chinese language ability or at least maintain the level you already have. Here are some good ideas for you to continue studying Chinese. Continue reading Ideas For Continuing To Study Chinese

A Bilingual Chinese-English T-Shirt

A few days ago, I went shopping. I saw an interesting bilingual t-shirt, so I took pictures of it. An example of a shirt that says very different things in different languages. The English says Tokyo. The Chinese says 紐約洛杉磯 meaning New York Los Angeles. I think this was clearly made for a “coolness” factor rather than it actually making sense.

Bilingual Chinese English Tshirt b

Bilingual Chinese English Tshirt a

Using Spotify To Improve Your Chinese Listening Ability

Using can help improve your Chinese listening ability. Spotify is a fantastic and free online music streaming site. Spotify has many songs from Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan, and you can create your own Chinese language radio stations with Spotify. You can even search individual artists, and listen to a few of their songs directly. Spotify has free accounts funded by ads, and paid accounts as well. Continue reading Using Spotify To Improve Your Chinese Listening Ability